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Announcing the new 2014 “Britain's Quiet Light” Artwork Calendar


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Sacred Pause’s “Everyday Moments” Notecards Set

16 Sacred Pause notecards/ envelopes in a beautifully crafted box.


The first 100 to be purchased will be hand-signed.

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New Good Hearted Gifts

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  2013 Show Calendar
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> Holiday Bazaar
  October 4 - 5
> Market in the Meadow
  October 19 - 20
> JJ Pearce Pacesetter Bazaar
  October 26 - 27
> Christ the King Holiday Bazaar
  November 12
> Lovers Lane Marketplace
  November 22 - 23
> Stocking Stuffers and Spirits
  December 5
> Jesuit Christmas Bazaar
  December 7
> Sip, Shop and Save at the Sacred Pause Studio
  December 14
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Artist's Statement

Photographer BioIn my countless journeys to sacred places near and far, I usually take the road less traveled, viewing our global community through different eyes, providing a more enriching experience. In most of my travels, the lesson learned rests in the journey itself and not in the final sacred destination. I have captured these spiritually inspired images and lessons in photographs and stories, freezing in time the present moment, illustrating the sacredness in the ordinary often missed in our hectic lives. These images and stories exemplify the reverence and uplifting spirit sacred places around the world reveal.

Sacred Pause began during a time in my life that I needed to be still, reflect and take a pause. My passion for photography blossomed during this time; I was drawn to spiritual landscapes that exist all around us, and I paused to honor life’s quiet rhythms. Lessons in fierce landscapes, desert silence, pacific fog, the stillness of redwoods, mountaintop prayer, even the glow of my backyard garden angel -- these spiritual landscapes of nature provided me solace.

Admirers of Sacred Pause photography typically feel a strong emotional connection, whether it's because I've captured a moment in time that perfectly symbolizes a memorable travel destination thousands of miles away or simply through objects and moments captured closer to home. Imagine a sunrise in Venice where the gondolas seem to glow, a lei-covered statue in Hawaii, a row of angels on high in a New Orleans cemetery, the pristine calm of a fog-laced morning in the Muir Woods, a picturesque sunrise over the Dead Sea and a lone soldier praying at Jerusalem's Western Wall.

Interior designers turn to Sacred Pause for framed photography to use in both residential and commercial applications. Whether in a home or office, the photographs are perfect for adding an aura of serenity to any décor.

Sacred Pause photographs make wonderful gifts for communicating a shared belief or sentiment with a loved one in a way that can't be expressed through words alone. Available in a variety of beautiful frames, including some vintage, the photographs come in several sizes with inspirational verses offered on many of the most popular pieces. Note card sets are also ideal for sharing the beauty of Sacred Pause imagery with friends and relatives.

Retreats and workshops complete the Sacred Pause experience by allowing individuals the opportunity to experience "journeys of the soul" and discover their own, deeply personal way of connecting with the world around them.

My hope is that we will pause each day - to experience the beauty around us, to realize the hidden power of sacred moments, to savor daily rituals, and to give thanks for our blessings.

Sacred Pause has always been committed to giving back to those in need. Sacred Pause has been honored to help:

Wilkinson Center
Child of Hope
Legacy Counseling
Steve’s Camp Kids
Christ in the Desert Monastery

Sacred Pause is art that helps.